May 22, 2007

10 things about me
I done got tagged by
For your reading pleasure, here are 10 things about me.

1. I have four flat fingernails and six normal ones.

2. I love cats, and have 6 right now. 3 kittens died last week-the 3rd one at 615 Saturday morning and I cried for hours.

3. I am an idiot for crying for hours over sick/dying/dead kitties.

4. I lived in Valencia CA for 6 months on a travel nurse assignment.

5. I love to swim, but I haven't been since Katrina.

6. I have developed an allergy to beer. I can not drink just one glass of champagne-I always drink a whole magnum.

7. I have one tattoo. I used to have 3 body piercings, but took all of them out during the past year. I plan to have 2 of them redone. There is not enough alcohol in the world to make me get the third again. I also have 4 ear piercings.

8. I have an extra spleen.

9. I wore a size 3 when I graduated from high school. REALLY.

10. I broke my nose, tore my left rotator cuff and got whiplash on New Year's Eve 2004. (See #6)

There Stacey..hope you are happy. I would tag 10 more, but I honestly do not think 10 people read my blog!


Anonymous said...

I wore a size 3 in college. Seriously.

And I remember that New Year's Eve. That's the year I was seriously wanting to kill my husband forthrowing up all night.


Stacey said...

You seriously have an extra spleen? AN EXTRA SPLEEN? How freakin' cool is that.

I'm sorry about the kitties :( I found a kitten once in a very bad position and cried for hours. He was fine, just needed a toe removed, but seeing him in extreme distress really bummed me out.

Left-n-76 said...

I'm #3 in the blog list.....of 10...ha

Stacey said...

Hey, I wonder if you're one of those people that was a twin shortly after conception but eventually morphed into one person. There's a name for it. Starts with a c, I think.

Stacey, queen of random information, at your service.

*1cLUCKyRN* said...

No, I'm not, but I had a high school friend like that-she had 4 nipples...ewwwww

Everyone has a spare something...uterus, bone, spleen..something. It is usually (as mine was) an incidental finding during an x-ray. It is called an accessory 'whatever' since it is typically smaller and barely or non-functional.

You would think with an accessory spleen, I would never be sick or have allergy problems. NOT. West Nile proved THAT.


Left-n-76 said...

Girl talk....out of here..."4" hot damn!

*1cLUCKyRN* said...

I had visuals of a sow pig...sorry.

You remind me of an episode of Scrubs where the girls would say "shoe shopping" to send JT and Turk into la-la land so they could gossip. When they wanted to get the guys to return to earth, they would say "38 double d's" and the guys would SNAP to attention!