Sep 7, 2007


Ladies...and yeltelmens, consider yourself warned. I am going to use a few words your mom would have washed your mouth out for saying...and yeah, I washed my hands after I typed this.

How the F#$% can you explain this? I called the cardiologist today to a)FINALLY see if I can find out about my testes(ha) and b)let SOMEONE know that in the last 2 days I have gained 5 pounds and peeed maybe twice-that Lasix did NADA. ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH. This WOMAN who calls herself a NURSE calls me back with the Sweetie,Honey, Baby crap routine (that pisses me off to NO end) to tell me Mr.Important Doctor has more patients than I do (huh?) and will call me back when HE has time. Well, fuck me running-I was TOLD by Mr.Important Doctor to call HIM on Tuesday to get my results (which, btw,sent me to a NEW level of pissed off-he's a damn doc, with freakin' 4 nurses...I think they have the time...I know, I did that shit for years, rememember?)which I did call Tuesday and got massive run-around. They told me about the dopplers and echo-DUH-found that out already...I want the shit I CAN'T see-the labs and 24 hour holter. I AM LIVID.

Well, Lo and behold, God himself took the time to TELL THE NURSE TO CALL ME BACK. Said my heart was GREAT! and gee, that's not what's causing your congestive HEART failure. (I am so pissed...OMGOMGOMGOMG) However, I should double the 40mg of Lasix every morning to 80mg-in fact, take 80 mg NOW and gollygeewhiz, if that doesn't work, call my primary doc.

I'm trying to find out how one can have CHF with a GREAT heart!
It's gonna be a loooooooooooooong weekend. I hope the rum holds out....


Stacey said...

Oh bloody HELL I hate condescending medical personnel. They tick me off SO BAD. I don't give two craps if someone has more patients than me... I understand that. If they can't handle their existing patients, they shouldn't take on more. And people better never patronize me. GRRRRRRRR.

I'm glad it's... uh, not your heart?

Lasix takes me back. Ace was on that crap for so long in the NICU.

Susan said...

CHF with a great heart? I'm impressed. That takes serious talent.

And I agree, NOTHING is more infuriating than snotty doctors. Give them hell. You're paying for their time!

Rebecca said...

Maybe dealing with the doctor is a new kind of stress test. :-)

I hope you get answers soon.

Super Mom said...

Let me know if you run out of rum. :)

Nunnie's Attic said...

I can make you a mean Mojito if you think that might help. It has rum in it. And you used one of my favorite phrases that no one had ever heard of before (around me anyway.) It had something to do with running!

Good Luck!!

Ralph said...

Your experience is one of the many reasons I am in real estate now. 25 years of dealing with those arrogant, uncaring bastards was enough.

Have you called your nephrologist yet?! Honey, if 40mg of lasix doesn't make you pee your brains out, you've got kidney problems.

If it makes you feel any better, I once pounded a doctor's desk and demanded a CT of my sinuses. After 2 years of blowing me off, he agreed. (I was ready to kick his little candy ass if he didn't. haha) Low and behold, I had a huge abscess, just as I had been telling him! Required 3 surgeries!

Good luck!

mayberry said...

Can I just say, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH DOCTORS IN THIS DAMN STATE?? I think that we have some of the most unprofessional, unkind, insensitive, lazy medical personel of anywhere in the country. Not to diss you of course Clucky, because I know there are exceptions to every rule, but DAMN! So sorry for all of your aggravations. I'm pissed for you!

Sandi said...

What a horrible, horrible experience! I'll put you on the prayer list.
(you and christy should conspire, BTW. She just had to go through it at the clinic)

Christy said...

Did I mention I went to the DR. last week??? FOR THE LAST TIME???