Feb 23, 2008

Singing the Blues

Seriously-there was a BB King special on PBS Thursday night, and now I have The Blues on the Brain. Thinking of you , Black Betty, while I listen.

I'm also missing my best friend, if I still have a best friend after abandoning her for the last couple of months. I would love nothing more than to spend a Sunday afternoon with our cameras in hand while she shows me her new-found spaces and shares her horror stories of the never-ending-pissing dog who is now on the same fluid pill I am. She has no idea how much I miss her. The last month has had me working alone with chaos ensuing and no time to even text.

My new friends (I thought) had a shindig last weekend that I wasn't invited to-I guess I should have spent more time nursing those relationships instead of standing at death's door with my thyroid in my hand. Maybe the Run From the Sun will patch that up. I could have actually made that party and needed the excuse to get out of the house. We even slept in Sunday morning instead of going to church, which I would have done had we gone out of town anyway.

Speaking of church...I now am Methodist. Not that that is a huge change from Baptist, but the way it happened will make a good story. Tim was being reaffirmed in the Methodist church, and asked me to stand with him (Like the family does for a Christening.) I stood beside him, and the next thing I know, the pastor is pouring water on my head. Holy Moses, I just got Methodized! It's all good; I had made the decision a while ago that my beliefs were more in line with the Methodist Church and had been attending there for the better part of a year. It was my plan to 'convert', but I hadn't exactly set a date. (Well, if it's like my engagement, six years later I STILL haven't set a date.) Anywho, now we can get married at the Methodist church-all the members know we aren't married and really don't seem to mind. Our family is our family, with or without a ring.

The boys have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months-physically and mentally. M-thang is getting bigger every day too. Her mouth will soon be too big for her britches.

Have fun. Whatever that is. My boys want to talk about sexual positions i.e. space docking, alligator f#$%house, etc (see urbandictionary.com), so I am drinking heavily.



Stacey said...

Hey gorgeous! I can't wait to see you at the Run from the Sun, if not before then.

I miss you!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

miss you!

From the Doghouse said...

Blogger lunch! You'll have friends there!

msudeere said...

Glad your feeling better if I can get off will try to make Run From the Sun myself

Watercolor said...

Next step, Episcopalian! just kidding. :)

Black Betty said...

i LURV you...xoxo

"the blues are a good man {woman} having a bad day" - BB King

Susan said...

Welcome to the Baptist-turned-Methodist club! I joined about 4 years ago. There are a few things about the Methodist church that irk me a little, but it was more about enjoying the actual church I was in than the denomination in the name. Having our Methodist minister, in full robes, perform our wedding in my family's small Baptist church in Burnside was a hoot. They loved the robes. Who woulda thought?