Apr 23, 2008

My week, TBCv2.o


So, Monday was not too bad. I did get intensely pissed off at the idiot who either a)doubted ME and my Mad Nursing Skillz or b)was trying to get a paid day off and some good drugs for an injury that was total BS. My kid, my Little Girl, has had worse injuries and hopped back on her bike to make another lap-and here is a Full Grown Man whining to me before ten o'clock who insists on going to the clinic. Welcome to frickin' Mississippi, where we, as a company, have no choice in the matter if one of our employees says "I wanna go to the doctor!" Hell, just write 'em a check-and I wonder why I haven't had a bonus in a while...

Tuesday...OMG On the Road Again 2008 Tour went from 9 am til 11pm. Home>Walnut Grove>Carthage>Forest>Magee>Forest>Walnut Grove>Carthage>home. 250 miles. My back is STILL angry about THAT trip. The good news? Only 3 more tests to do this week that should be pretty easy to complete. SHOULD BE being the operative phrase, of course. Stayed up to watch Paul Thorn on Jimmie Kimmel Live, and just as he came on, the power went out-5 minutes before the scheduled time. Yes, I did pay my light bill! They basically shut the town down from midnight til 530am to do much-needed substation repairs. It was nice to see my light bill dollars at work. I just wish I could have gone to sleep to the A/C, not the beep-beep-beep of power trucks.

Today...Woke up to a charley horse in my left leg. OMG.
Ordered almost 90 more Relay for Life T's for our team. These things are HOT! I wasn't happy with the design, but once I got the shirt in my hand, I quit bitching. (Yes, I did!) Four bucks from each shirt goes toward our RFL goal, so 150 shirts is a nice deal. And I hope to do another order by the 1st of May. Did the conference call thing (which sometimes means I go here and half-listen to the call), tried to pay a few corporate bills and do some charting but I just ran out of time today before I finished. Tonight was church-our puppet production is just in chaos-and no, it's not my fault...it's Mr. Fabulous's fault. Heh. Still having gut issues, but the scales telling me this morning I had dropped eight pounds in the last two weeks makes it a little easier to stomach. Yeah, that was a pun. Just hoping my Debbie-Downer ass doesn't have colon cancer. (yep, that was another one) Got the "Rose Garden" started today. Mr. Man used the tiller and found the perfect spot of sunshine to plop my newest rosey endeavor into.

Tomorrow-fast-pitch game 2 towns over that starts at 6 (she has to be there at 5!), band concert at 6:30 (ouch) after a 2pm Relay meeting (Forest) that is following our Administrative Professionals Day Appreciation Luncheon at 12 (here).Lawd, my ulcer pokes me every time I think about tomorrow.

Friday-maybe finish testing, come home and cut grass after work because it's like a 50% chance of rain all weekend, and the rain yesterday and the 85 degree today has got it growing like weeds. Oh wait..that IS weeds. That explains it... Kids are going to The Dad's house this weekend.

Saturday-a girls (with dates/spouses) night out at the casiner. Woo-flippin'-hoo! I have a kid-free weekend. Last time I had one of these, I went to this, then later did this, and now I read this and feel like an ass. I will throw twenty bucks at the host the next time I am in Brandon. And I won't be accepting any last minute invites to parties. Sheesh. Reading blogs has become about as bad as going to church to get my toes stepped on. I ate what, maybe 10 crawfish-oh, wait...maybe it was that one potato I chowed down on. There probably was twenty bucks worth of seasoning in that one tater. My lips are still on fire! But damn, it was GOOD!

Now to go to bed and try to catch up on nice air-conditioned sleep. Have a good what's-left-of-the-week.

PS Congrats to Bec on your new bundle to be! (Wasn't The Nutcracker around the time of conception???)


black betty said...
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Alice said...

Gurl, you needs to simmer down,nah!!!! I know you & the mister only ate 10 crawfish and pretty much at my beggin....that was NO reference to you...but there are LOTS O' people that eat 10lbs alone and do that habitually.

From the Doghouse said...

Nutcracker, conception ... nah, it's just too easy.