Jul 7, 2008

Here We Go Again

It's hard to tell, but there are THREE new members of our family!

At 1:30 THIS MORNING, Fruit Loop decided to jump in my face and YOWL AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS at me, which scared me to death-and definitely woke me from a dead sleep. After yelling for T to come turn the light on and see what was wrong, She YOWLED again. Lights on-to see her licking her tush-prompted me to holla at T again to bring a clothes basket and towels! Just as we got her in the basket, we heard a tiny little "mew" from her backside. (WTF???) A peek under the tail showed us that only halfway out, her first-born was a hell raiser! He (or she) plopped right out without any problems. FL looked at me like "EWW!", so we held her in the basket and took her into the lair of the Princess, which was devoid of royalty and other critters. She started looking at me like, "Now what?" I rubbed her noggin, and talked softly to her (holding her paw, as it were) while she started checking out her youngun. She seemed fine, so I tried to go back to sleep. Emphasis on TRIED. Hummmmmph. 30 minutes later, I just had to go back in and check on her. She was cleaning her baby, and I felt her contract. One more good one, and the second one popped out. WOW! That was SO awesome! It was the one you see in the above pic lying on FL.(The color is the palest orange-if it's a boy, I want to name him James, as in The Giant Peach!) She started right away cleaning him/her up, and I was so tired, I could not stand up. (I know-what am I bitching about-she's the one having babies!) I went back to bed (for the rest of the night this time) and snoozed til about 730. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I took off to check on my new mommy. She was napping, with all THREE of her babies! The third was born after I went to sleep, and is a really deep orange. (Yeah, we know who THAT daddy is....)

Wanna see something FREAKY? Here is a pic of her sister/littermate who had babies just a few weeks ago. Same number of kittens, colors, and birth order. How weird is THAT???


Susan said...

What sweet babies! (No, we don't want one!) Wish birthing was that easy for us. (Do NOT tell my husband you have kitties!) Sounds like she's going to be a great momma cat. (Casper would pack his bags if we had a kitty!)

From the Doghouse said...

Here is a pic of her sister/littermate who had babies just a few weeks ago. Same number of kittens, colors, and birth order.

The family that ... well, never mind.

mayberry said...

Thanks for your well wishes and lunch invitation. I didn't publish your comment cuz I didn't know if you wanted your number out there for all 4 of my blog readers to see. heh.

Seriously, I'd love to do lunch, but I can't today. I JUST got to work (it's almost 10:30) and I think I have the stomach bug Mini-me had over the weekend. PLEASE, PLEASE call me next time your this way though and we'll hit Fernando's fO SHO!