Aug 2, 2008

Last Sunday

While at the Fair watching the horse races, the announcer said "Hurry up jockeys! We have a storm coming!" Serious looking clouds rushed in from the west. Wind gusts slammed the doors of the food vendors. Barkers scrambled to clear passengers from the Ferris Wheel.

The sky turned green. Coke-bottle green-the green that makes most Mississippians run for the bathroom-to hide in the bath tub until the storm passes.

Then the bottom fell out; a monsoon by usual July standards-two inches in 45 minutes. We sat under the pavilion at Founder's Square watching, listening to and smelling the rain. Watching the new rivers run down the aisles while outside our cover, lights went out and fools tried to outrun the lightning.

The sky turned an eerie orange color, and the rain stopped.

And what a grand finale-a beautiful sunset.


Watercolor said...

Gorgeous pics.

Supermom said...

" a cluckin' comment?"

that there's funny I dont' care who you are

Stacey said...

AWESOME pictures. I especially love the last one.

mayberry said...

Great pics!!!

From the Doghouse said...

Great pics, nice narrative too!