Aug 24, 2008

Snot Fest

I am sitting here bawling my eyes out.

*WARNING: DO NOT CLICK THE LINK TO CATHERINE'S SITE WITHOUT A HUGE BOX OF KLEENEX!* is such an awesome site. I went to check in on Drew Bouchillon, then wandered over to Sessums Russell's page, and saw the link the Catherine Hutton's page. I haven't read her name in months-really almost a year, since Sessums has recovered. What I saw just took the wind out of me. May 12 &May 14th's entries just left me stunned. I will read more later...I'm going to bed to snuggle up with my baby girl.

*Please don't get mad at me...snotfest is what we call it in my house when something really hits you hard. I will pray for these families every day. No disrespect intended.

1 comment:

i'm black betty said...

i'm sorry, boo...

we call snotfest when rofarto's nose won't stop running from his allergies...which is EVERYDAY!!!

:( hope you're feeling better!