Jan 11, 2007

Isn't It Ironic...

Dontcha think....... ~Alanis Morrisette

It is BEAUTIFUL here...no rain, no clouds, a little windy, but hey-wonderful nonetheless.

Saturday, it starts raining. and next week? COLD AS AN ICE-SHAVER'S BUTT~

Cody is alive and well in New Mexico. I still miss the lil turd, but que sara sara...


The Topiary Cow said...

Hi Denise,
Sometimes at work I can't post on Mr. R---there's too much going on. I do keep up reading it though and enjoy your comments very much!

I'll update my own blog this weekend, and glad to see you're keeping yours up and that your spirits are brighter!


Biscuit Supreme Commander said...
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The Topiary Cow said...


A Rooster!

My goodness!

The Land of Topiary is quite impressed!

We have a little photo for you on OUR blog, too!

There is a certain Topiariness about the Lady on the Right in the photo...

and please feel free to email me at the address posted by the biscuit command.


Biscuit Supreme Commander said...

Thanks for your email!