Jun 27, 2007


Guess what?

This old bird is tired. No decent sleep in 48 hours ( I LOVE my job!) and today was just the icing on the cake. (Kudo's to my right hand-I owe you more that a shot of Tequila...)

Our system at work is acting hinky, and it will be Monday before we can actually chart on anything that may happen before then. Joy!

A first cousin was in Cozumel 'vacationing' (bitch) and started having seizures. She was flown to Miami and they have ruled out an aneurysm or CVA. She had a LOT of tests done a few years ago that all pointed to MS, but it was somehow ruled out. Well...guess what? That may be the culprit after all. She's only 36..keep her in your prayers. Also pray that the medical community in Miami FL doesn't kill her before she can get back to Memphis! There is another first cousin with this too-she was 43 when diagnosed. Scary shit.

My boys have percussion camp next week-including the 4th ( which SUCKS) which totally shot our chances to see the fireworks on the Coast.

The following week I will be sending the kids to Siberia (Grandma's) for a week while I will be having an audit. (No damn wonder my heart rate is staying in the 130's now....)

The boys will then have full band camp-and Morgan will be attending cheerleading and cake decorating classes.*Remember*...she IS the next Rachel Ray~she'll remind you if you forget!

Then the Fair comes to town!!!

The next week will be the insanity of the boys' 16th birthdays and school shopping.

Then...school starts then opening football season, ballgames, cheering and the ALMIGHTY CONCESSION STAND FROM HELL.

I am tired already...and I don't think I will catch up until November. I need a hug; Tim won't be home until Friday or Saturday :(

PS Love and Hugs to Bec....


supermom said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. MS is indeed scary. :(

The Topiary Cow said...

"Dead Chicken Walking"


PS sorry about the lack of sleep and tiredness. (virtual hug goes out to Clucky!)