Feb 6, 2008


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb. 11:1

I am still not feeling well, and tired of whining to you guys. I feel like you folks may actually (Unless you are a sadist) read this for fun and incidentally give a rip about me and want to read good stuff.

I took the kids to the doc today-Big M has an ear infection and sinusitis; Big C has double ear infections and bronchitis. I have had a migraine for 3 days-even driving 4 hours to run a blood drive then return home and crash.

The boys' best friend has a little brother with the flu. None of us have had the flu shot (I'm allergic), and today were told to get ready-we have about 4 days before we have it. One week from tomorrow my partner* goes on leave for surgery and I will be more of a nutcase than usual. Immaculate timing.

*Her surgery has been moved up to Monday. When I say 'partner', I mean co-worker/puller-of-my-fat-ass-out-of-the-fire-er, not my lesbian live-in.

**I took that pic myself on Tuesday, trying to beat the storms, while passing through Raleigh.


Rebecca said...

You can whine to me anytime as long as I get to hear from you.

I had a mild case of the crud, then ok for several days. Then I woke up almost dead. 102 temp, hurt everywhere, but no cough or stomach symptoms. When they got me to the dr I was dehyrdrated and starting to get a sore throat. I got shots and fluids and started recovering, then 5 days later, 101 temp again. UGH.

My tribe has been sick then well then sick then well. Yuck. We had Kimber at the ER this week. She went to the DR and they wouldn't see her because she was so dehydrated. They said she didn't have the flu but had a UTI, a sinus infection, a stomach virus, and strep. She's like a walking petri dish! She was dehydrated, needed IV fluids and tons of meds. Her BP and pulse were going through the roof every time she stood up.

So go ahead and whine. Everybody is right now. (Well, I did have an annoyingly giddy moment earlier, but for the most part, I'm just whining.)

Black Betty said...

gurl, i beez so veerry sorry! :( i am praying for a speady recovery for you all! the diva had the flu last week, and she was pitiful. so far the hubby and i have been lucky...just hope it stays that way!

miss you...xoxo

Susan said...

I thought I'd give up whining for Lent, but I failed miserably the first day. =) We don't just read for fun, we read because we care and want to know how it's going.

Hope everybody is holding up and feeling better quickly. My household just started with the crud this week. I'm hoping it leaves as quickly as it came but so far no luck.

Supermom said...

I hope you find brighter days soon Clucky!

(and no one expects you or anybody else to be funny or chipper 365 days a year...)

take care!!!!

mayberry said...

To have been through what you've been through these last few months - you deserve some whine time.

I so hope that all of you stay well. You'll be in my prayers.

msudeere said...

Hope ya'll are feeling better soon definatly in my prayers.. and we read because we care..

From the Doghouse said...

Blech, that bites.

I'll be praying for all of y'all.

Watercolor said...

Hope you feel better soon. Whine all you want to, hun!

From the Doghouse said...

Yep, you're getting slammed now, but won't it be nice when all of this is behind you, instead of it being stretched out over months?

Anonymous said...

get well soon (this goes for everybody)!

msudeere said...

Hope everything is getting better and happy valentines day to you and your family

Alice said...

glad to hear from you since the snow. Thought you had fallen off the earth. Sorry you guys feel bad!