Oct 24, 2007

The Hair and The Man

Sorry if you are offended by teenage nipples,but this is basically a before and after shot. Matt had to go to the orthodontist yesterday and his dad took him. After the WONDERFUL! news that braces will come off in 3 weeks, he was (ah-hem) treated to a trip to the barber shop. Cody (nipple boy) freaked out when Matt got home. The good news is that Cody is ready to cut his too-about half of it then get a relaxer. It ain't gonna work. BUT the Evil StepBITCH told him she would take him to the barber shop this weekend if it is still too long. (Don't know how-away game Friday night, then state contest ALL day at Hinds. But I digress.)


Super Mom said...

Matt look way more mature/older than he did with his previous mop. Good call!! Way more handsome as well with the new 'do.

But what does my opinion matter to a high schooler? :-)

Black Betty said...

looks good.

good luck at contest! :)

Stacey said...

You have got some good lookin' kids, for real.

Seriously though, I have roughly the same hair type... why can teenage boys pull that hairstyle off but I'd look like a big fat hausfrau? Grr.

regina Butler said...

Your boys do look good. Nipples hee hee. Let Marshall use them as examples next time he needs to draw nipples.

What instrument do your boys play. You and yours will be on the same field as our band from South Pontotoc, I will be on the Pearl High School field with my son and the Pontotoc Warrior Marching Band. Which school do yours go to?

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

percussion. Mr. Short hair is 1st snare, and Mr. Mop is a manager this semester. but plays percussion also. The Pride of Union Marching Band performs at 2:06,next to last in the 2A class. Then we sit through all the 3A bands, get scores and see if we are in the finals. We are rated #6 in 2A bands across the state, so we have a good chance-especially since we made all superiors on Saturday-along with Scott Central and Enterprise. There will be much biting of nails and gnashing of teeth! Wish us luck!